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If you are someone who:


  • Has poor nutrition and gut health

  • Is struggling to lose weight

  • Is dealing with an autoimmune issue or other chronic disease

  • Just wants to feel better physically and mentally

I can help!



My goal as a coach is to help you make lasting changes in your life rather than offering quick fixes and bandaids that are not sustainable long term. While I can coach around a wide variety of health and wellness related topics (including diet, lifestyle, stress, sleep, and more) there are two areas that are important to address in anyone looking to improve their overall health and wellness: gut health and spiritual health. I use a functional approach to improve gut health and a Christian perspective when addressing spiritual health.


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Why Gut Health?

Trying to improve your overall health without first improving your gut health is like trying to build a house using sand as the foundation. Although you might notice some progress initially, eventually you will run into problems that cannot be ignored. By focusing on behavior changes that can improve the health of your gut, you can set yourself up for success in the long run on your health journey. These changes can include eating real, nutrient dense whole foods, eliminating toxic foods and products, addressing and managing stress, and more. It can be overwhelming to think about making all of the necessary changes required for good gut health, but together we can co-create plans that work for you in whatever stage of life you may be in.

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Why Spiritual Health?

We are not just physical beings, we are also spiritual beings. You are body, mind and soul, perfectly created by God. So just like gut health is foundational for good physical health, spiritual health is foundational for the health of your soul.


It is important to know what our beliefs are, what we value the most and what our purpose is in life. If you’re feeling stuck in life or asleep at the wheel, it might be time for a deep dive into your spiritual health. You will be amazed at what some simple changes can do for your overall quality of life, and I will be here to walk with you in this season. 

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